Volunteering in Africa Orphanages

July 20, 2011 - 3 minutes read

Things are all change for me at the moment. After five brilliant years in Manchester (with a one year hiatus to London) I have decided that my time is up in the Northern capital and I will be moving on to new experiences and turning a new page.

While I have loved my time working at PushON I have decided that it is time for me to go. It was while coming round to this decision that I recognised that this would be an amazing time to take the opportunity to ‘ramp up’ my charity work and look to expand this over the borders of the UK, that’s when I stumbled across (half by accident, half through the Diana Award a charity that I already work for) Global Vision International.

When researching this, it really hit home the situation in some parts of the world, with millions of people less fortunate than ourselves, some who have little or no education (something I believe is a right to all children, worldwide) and some who do no even have the ability to feed themselves. I decided that, after looking through the amazing volunteering opportunities that the GVI operate in over 40 countries worldwide, Kenya was the place for me.

When I decided this I was also made aware, through the Diana Award, that the lovely people over at Richard Turner Associates were offering up £650 to 3 people who first got shortlisted by there application, and second made a 3 minute video saying why they believe that they should go on one of the volunteering experiences and how they feel that it would benefit them. Straight away I got in contact with Richard Hall, an incredibly talented 18 year old videographer who I had met through a student training day that he attended at PushON. Richard is talented beyond his years, has a great eye for detail and, if I’m honest, I’m envious of his abilities – check out some of his other work on his Vimeo channel. We filmed and edited the video down to the allotted time and, once finished, I was really pleased with the result.

Now’s where I need everybody’s help. In order to become in the top 3 people eligible to the £650 grant I need to get as many people as possible to vote for me on this page, the more the votes that I get, the bigger the chance I am to receiving it. Please take the time to vote on the video, it would really help me out in taking part in an amazing experience and to help others while I’m there.

Ned Poulter's GVI Video

If you would like to help out by helping me to raise the remainder of the money that it will take to travel out there, please visit my donation page for more information on what I will be doing while I’m out in Kenya.

Thank you.