Off Travelling In Asia

December 8, 2010 - 2 minutes read

The excitement is actually unbearable… First thing this morning I am flying half way round the world to take a month off travelling in Asia. I am flying first to Singapore where I will spend a few days in one of the most up-and-coming and diverse cities in the world. Then I fly on to Thailand for nearly a week where I intend on riding elephants and meeting tigers, amongst other activities, before we head over the border to Laos. I will be spending just over a week in Laos, which I am very excited for, to see an almost forgotten region with such an interesting, and tragic, history. I will then fly from here down to the Thailand Islands where I will be spending Christmas on the beach and under the sea, as I am planning on doing my PADI Open Water course there. This will all be before seeing the New Year come in at a massive, and infamous, Full Moon Party!

An image showing the beautiful natural scenery of Koh Samui

During this time I will be almost completely¬†detached from technology, kind of by my own admission. So this means no Twitter updates (@NedPoulter)¬†along the lines of “I’m on an elephant LOL”, so please don’t disappear from following me, I will be back and I will be a more interesting person when I return, I assure you!

I will be taking a diary with me and writing most days, so if you are planning on travelling in South East Asia or are just interested in hearing what I got up to while I’m out there then keep an eye out for future updates…

A friend of mine sent me this video just before I went, so if you feel like getting incredibly jealous, or simply appreciating a great video of Asia then have a look…

a journey through asia from ivan vania on Vimeo.