SEO: Do’s and Don’t Do’s


Something that I love about SEO is that it is in an ever changing discipline. What worked for you last year may not work at all for you now, or in the near future. This is something that is often a bone of contention, causing disputes within the SEO fraternity, and further afield. However, this ‘ever-changing’ nature can lead to areas of confusion (and out-and-out dispute) with which tactics are the right ones.

This is completely understandable, but my recent experiences have frustrated me. If fact, they’ve pissed me off. While reviewing the incredibly poor work of a fairly well known UK agencies SEO work (I will not disclose which agency, however I can assure you that it is not Verve Search) and well as a somewhat off-putting remark from a web developer has forced me to set the record straight. In this post I share some essential do’s and don’t’s for SEO today.

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