Google Are Not Human. Stop Treating Them Like One


Last week saw the celebration of Google’s 15th birthday. You read that right, in just 15 years Google has grown from a couple of dreamy Stanford geeks buying up cheap hardware and attempting to crawl the entire Internet to becoming a $289 BILLION behemoth. With an air of nostalgia (I was 11 when I first used Google. You do the math), I have inadvertently ended up in a career where ‘Google’ is a word that exists in my daily vocabulary. I preach a discipline that is arguably largely governed by one company, I read about the changes at this company like it is them who I am working for and bizarrely I get angry at the announcements that they make.

I exist in an echo chamber with a continuing focus on watching every which way that the needle points towards where Google’s future is. With the announcement of the ‘great Google’s’ 15th birthday I think it’s worthwhile to stop and take check of everything that’s come. In this post I will try to cover some of the key turning points in Google’s history and then, together with the State of Digital’s lovely reader-base, take a stab a what their next step might be? Where will Google venture to next?

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