New Job at PushON

December 5, 2010 - 2 minutes read

The PushON Logo

Old news on a new job, seeming as I’ve now been there for nearly six months. But, straight out of uni I managed to secure a job working as a Junior Web Analyst & Search Marketing Consultant at PushON, an online marketing agency specialising in SEO, based in Manchester.

This move has allow me to wade, waist deep, into the world of SEO and online marketing and begin to try and learn as much as I possibly can. The change has been great and the learning curve is so steep I absolutely love it, constantly being on my toes, in an industry where everything can change overnight.

PushON has a broad range of clients and in both the Public and Private sectors, some of which I am now managing as my own clients (see, I told you the learning curve was steep!). I work with a fantastic, enthusiastic and blisteringly intelligent group of people with a dynamic range of skills and abilities, from data analysis, to SEO, to web development and more…

To find out more about by going to PushOn’s website and also make sure you follow and chat with the guys in the office on Twitter:

And/or check out the PushON Twitter list.