Infographics – Geek Art Hits The Mainstream

March 26, 2010 - 3 minutes read
Infographic showing the keywords that China sensor

Right so I might as well admit it I’m a geek. I’ve been playing computer games since I can remember (even ‘back in the day’ when I remember leaving a cushion over the Sega Megadrive and telling my mum that she mustn’t touch it!) and I built my own PC when I was 14 and dived head first into the world of CS (Counter Strike) and WoW (World of Warcraft). While these days are somewhat behind me now, I have found myself constantly maturing in my appreciation for technology and everything geeky, to the point that I’m now on the brink of beginning a career in digital marketing…

While I’ve always held a great appreciation for all things ‘creative’ and am part of quite a musical and artistic family, I’ve always struggled with finding what my ‘thing’ was. Then I found infographics…

The new trend of creating art out of data is being used more and more widely, why is this? I think its purely because in the modern world where almost everybody is presented with so much information daily, that everybody appreciates it being put in a form that’s accessible and easy to read.

It seems like it’s getting popular too, The Guardian seems to like them as can be seen here.

Graphic designers like them too, the image above comes from Information Is Beautiful, which I would advise checking out as there’s loads of cool and inspired things on there! The reason for me choosing this image out of all of them was because it made me think about The Death of Google lecture I attended earlier this month by James Hanson from MediaVest, who controversially voiced that China could be one thing that destroys Google. Although local company I-Com voiced that the Death of Google had been greatly exaggerated.

Others sites with great infographics that I’ve found so far are:

Also some more fun applications I’ve come across are The Beatles: Song Keys showing each Beatles album and what keys each of their songs were written in.

Infographic showing the different keys used in the Beatles songs

And another again taken from the Guardian detailing the London Underground if each line represents a different genre of music and each stop representing an artist, I’d recommend downloading it; new desktop wallpaper perhaps?