Infographics – Geek Art Hits The Mainstream – Round 2

April 23, 2010 - 2 minutes read

So a while ago I wrote about the increase of infographics being used online, because of the information overload that we all suffer due to the proliferation of articles on the Internet. An interesting thing that I’ve seen is an increase of is inforgraphics being used to summarise or compare, examples include a showdown between Foursquare and Gowalla on who’s winning the geolocation war which I saw after being tweeted by @domrodwell from Manchester’s CheethamBell JWT and the Visualizing 6 years of Facebook (taken from Mashable).

Some brilliantly specific infographics (such as the many for the Beatles) and increasing intricate ones are crawling through the woodwork. After looking and admiring many recently I found my ultimate piece of ‘geek art’ so far…

(Taken from Information Architects, click on the image to see a higher res version)

The Web Trend 4 infographic is based on the Tokyo subway system, something which I can appreciate as I went there when I was 20, and represents the entire world of online, the key companies and players. What’s breathtaking about this also is that the not only is it created based upon the Tokyo subway system, but the layout of each company is representative of the districts in Tokyo too. Personally I learned a lot from looking at this, mainly from discovering sites that I was unaware of to explore more!

If you’ve seen any infographics that you particularly love then please share them!

I will certainly be ordering this as poster (I’d recommend you do it too!) my bedroom wall will soon be graced by its first piece of geek art. I’ll be sure to upload a picture when it has been hung, watch this space…