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September 28, 2011 - 4 minutes read

Now I know that not all of us are it’s biggest fan, cries about it’s want to take over the world or own all of your pictures have been ten-a-penny from the digital community and the media for a good couple of years now. The fact still remains that Facebook is a modern phenomenon, it has changed the face of the internet that we see and interact with today and changed the way people think about the medium. It has not done this alone. More recently, too often has the media incorrectly cited Facebook as a ‘one of a kind’, which quite simply is not true. I was lucky enough to grow up, it seems, with the rise of social networks and social media. I had a Myspace account, a Bebo Account and many others that I even to struggle to remember their names! Yes, they were okay and all, but it wasn’t until my first year in uni during freshers that I signed up (with my uni email address, the only way that you could originally) for a Facebook account.

The change for me was fairly instant, instead of getting (or trying to get) numbers of people [mainly girls] when you were out, you simply got their name (imagine that!). Before long it was the main place that I communicated with friends that I had drunkenly made the night before, many of whom are now some of my nearest and dearest friends. I always checked Facebook to attempt to remember the night before, photos of me upside-down, doing countless shots or streaking seemed to occur on a fairly frequent basis during Freshers year; something I no doubt have in common with students worldwide nowadays.

While I am not entirely tied to it, I will admit it, I am a bit of a slave to Facebook and have often thought of the memories, photos, contacts and other things that I would lose should my account be deleted. You may see this as a sorry state of affairs, you may like me, see this as just a change in time. Facebook has made a number of faux pas’s since this time and much of it has changed massively, I hate Facebook chat and have never wanted to use Facebook for an instant messenger and the new ‘slideshow’ lightbox for viewing photos seems like a buggy unnecessary change for example. In fact, very little that Facebook has changed has been welcomed by any sort of positive reaction, by the media or the user base…

Facebook is changing. There has been much talk of what Facebook will do next? and where does Facebook go from here?, it appears we now know. Facebook Timeline is a monumental change that will undoubtedly be greeted by it’s usual share of negative opinion, but I actually think that this will be welcomed positively too (I know that a lot of my friends and colleagues have already revered the changes).

Without talking through the ins and outs of the new features available and the changes made (I’ll leave that for Techcrunch and Mashable…) I will simply leave it for Don Draper, of Mad Men fame, to introduce it himself…

Although it will be made available to the general public on the 2nd of October 2011, you can get it early by following this guide by Mashable.

Here’s a sneak peak of how my new profile…
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