Blade Runner – Alternative Movie Poster

October 4, 2011 - 2 minutes read

I’m going to have to admit something now which I am really not proud about. Until earlier on this year, I had never seen Blade Runner. I know, I know, string me up, curse me, run for the hills, I’m a very very bad person and what’s worse, I call myself a film buff…

If you can forgive my sins and take a second then I’ll get to the point I was trying to make from this post. As I have said, I’m a big BIG film fan, working at Warner Bros was literally a dream come true for me and I have been really (and I mean really) into films ever since I can remember.

When I was living in Manchester I stumbled across the brilliant Richard Goodall Gallery one day when I was shopping in the Northern Quarter. It was here that I discovered that they had a fantastic selection of artists take’s on famous band tour posters and, what’s more, on famous films. I could reel off reems and reems of my favourites, I hasten to say that I was so overwhelmed I have never made my mind up on which one to buy – too many that I like, too little wall space. Suffice to say I did purchase one, a fantastic take on Blade Runner, for Iwan Roberts’ birthday earlier this year. I’ve included below:

Blade Runner Alternative Movie Poster

I think this captures so much of the essence of the film and what’s more so many things that Iwan loves – neon and design being just some of these.

Please get in touch and let me know what you think, or if you’ve seen any other examples of alternative band or film artwork, I’m always hungry for more…