Augmented Reality (AR) Goes Mainstream… Takes Over The Press

March 26, 2010 - 2 minutes read

So, sickness I was handed a copy of the ‘new’ Observer whilst walking through town last weekend and seeming as I would have normally brought a copy of it anyway it made my Sunday reading free!

To my surprise, after flicking through the pages I found a huge double page spread devoted entirely to telling everyone about Augmented Reality (AR) and its future possibilities and it such a good guide I think my mum would even understand it!

The article, entitled ‘It’s Just Like Real Life – Only Better’ gives a great insight into the development of AR and a good insight into the future applications of it too.

The things that I found particularly interesting were:

  • In the US the increasingly connected Obama Administration is utilising AR for the newly proposed Economic Recovery Act to see where your (the tax payers) money is going, for each building on a street. Stand on Wall Street and you’ll see a lot of zeros!
  • A hint towards the ‘future of social networking’ with AR showing each persons Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles around their head and points towards it’s potential use of a business card.
  • The development of Armar (Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair) for the US military at Columbia University, which gives huge potential for repairs in the future. My opinion is that this could be applied to a huge amount of things, think car repairs or even surgery…?
  • Another thing that the article points at which I think is incredibly important is the portable grounding of AR’s use (on mobiles), the integral use of Flash (apparently 98% of all computers have it installed!) and the incompatibility of Flash currently with the iPhone which holds such a vast proportion of the market share.

This all leads me to think about all of the hype I’ve read about the iPad being the ‘future of publishing’ and begs the question if AR is the future, then Steve Jobs must have a good think about the future of Apple…