Hi there and thank you for visiting my donation page.

You may or may not know but in mid-August I am traveling out to Kenya, Mombasa for a month to volunteer helping disadvantaged children and orphans whom often do not have the financial situation, nor the support around them to educate or even feed themselves.

While there, I will be based in Bombolulu slum where I will work alongside volunteer teachers to provide education to some of the world’s most vulnerable children. While there I will:

  • Support teaching them, helping them to learn to read and write
  • I will support counseling, helping to raise environmental and social awareness (in an area with high HIV prevalence)
  • and most importantly feed them.

I will be part of a volunteer team running out of school arts and sports programmes for children whose families have little or no income to keep them out of situations where they can turn to substance abuse or crime.

A volunteer with a group of children in Kenya

To read more about the project please click here, it is operated by GVI (Global Vision International) a great company that runs responsible volunteering programs in over 40 countries across the world.

If you know me you may know that I have done a fair bit of charity work and fundraising in the past, but nothing has been as big as this. This opportunity will be an incredibly rewarding and humbling experience for me and is something that I am genuinely excited and enthusiastic about. I’m a big believer that small actions that people can do can sometimes make huge changes for the better in other peoples lives.

Simply put, I need your help to help me get out there. The GVI scheme is a paid-for volunteering experience for which I will have to pay for the following:

  • My placement on the scheme – Including my accommodation & food while I’m there
  • My flights to get me to Mombasa

In order for me to take part in this amazing experience I need to raise $3,300 (£2,000). There are 2 ways which you can help out:

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Please Note: All donations are in US Dollars NOT Great British Pounds.
So please convert the amount accordingly. $1 = £0.65 therefore if you wish to donate £10 then the amount will equal $16.07.

Thank you all for your support

A Typical Classroom on the GVI Volunteering Experience