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Twitter Translation Centre

May 15, 2012 - 1 minute read

Not sure if anyone has noticed this before but I was recently followed by someone with this ‘globe’ logo on their profile:

Twitter Translation Profile Icon

Having not seen it before (and also mistaking it for the ‘verified’ logos that cropped up a few months ago…) I clicked on it and it led to this:

Twitter Translation Centre Profile

Which (evidently) appears to be the users personal ‘Twitter Translation Centre page’ showing the ‘level of translator’, ‘no. of translations’, ‘votes’ and ‘approved translations’. This appears to all be part of a broader service/objective to begin translating the whole of Twitter. They have also employed a gamified way of approaching this, with the more trusted translators receiving higher scores.

Twitter Translation Centre

In my opinion, this is a very interesting and savvy business move by the social network and a move toward broadening their user base. This is also interesting considering some of the implications this could have on the media increasingly using Twitter to report ‘on the ground’ on global events. This truly will show messages from the people experiencing these newsworthy happenings.

I think this is great and a really interesting move by Twitter! What are your thoughts on this…?