Speed Mentoring at BrightonSEO

September 9, 2013 - 2 minutes read

So, autumn rolls around and after a fantastic summer, both weather-wise and on a professional level, the SEO conference calendar fires up again. Now that I’m situated in Copenhagen, it means that I’m picking my conference commitments more carefully (as I’m no longer spoiled with everything being on my front door in London). One event that I simply couldn’t miss, based on the quality of content and fantastic networking opportunity is BrightonSEO.

I’m very proud to say that I’ve been invited to take part in the very first speed mentoring session as part of the event.

So what is ‘Speed Mentoring’?

Pioneered by Lisa Myers and VerveSearch, the speed mentoring will allow conference attendees to book into a 10 minute speed session with one of 6 great mentors:

Packed into these 10 minute sessions me, and the other 5 speed mentors will talk through any issues that you’re facing which fall in their areas of expertise. I have absolutely no idea what will be thrown at me, but I am prepared, and am excited about all the advice that I can give, whether this is to help:

  • Constructing an attention grabbing CV?
  • The top skills would I focus on if I started out again?
  • How to learn ‘SEO’?
  • How to approach companies, and how to find out which companies should you approach?
  • Which areas of SEO (in my opinion) are the most exciting?
  • Understanding the differences between agency and in-house?
  • What other disciplines could/should you consider? (if not strictly looking into SEO)

If you’re attending BrightonSEO and you’re interested in getting one-on-one advice from any of the mentors, be sure to book yourself in with one of the mentors here. Alternatively, grab me at the networking sessions in and around the conference. I’m always very willing to lend a helping hand! 🙂