SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ 2014

August 8, 2014 - 3 minutes read

seoktoberfest-logoIf you know me well enough, you’ll likely know that my passion lie largely in two areas – SEO (and digital marketing in general) and charity. The former speaks for itself through the multiple conferences that I have attended, blogging on or around the topic & also hopefully being one of the recognised faces when it comes to SEO (at least in the UK).

The latter would hopefully be demonstrated through the many different times over the past several years I have supported a number of great charitable causes. From moving to Kenya to volunteering teaching in the slums of Mombasa, pushing my best friend Ben in his wheelchair across the Isle of Wight, or running the Loch Ness marathon, what I conceive as relatively routine tasks can make a huge impact to others, and whenever I get the opportunity I will be the first to sign up to support someone attempting to do the same.

A noticeable mention here actually exists within the SEO industry, combining my two main passions in one! Marcus Tandler, other than being a very well known member of the industry has for several years also used his position and those around him to run a charitable barbecue as part of the elite conference SEOktoberfest. This event is not only filled by THE names in the industry but also this platform is used to raise money for two fantastic charities AMAZONICA and M√ľnchner Tafel.

From the stories that I’ve heard and from simply taking one look at the conference line up, I wouldn’t hesitate to say that SEOktoberfest should be number one on your list of must attend SEO conferences this year (or any year for that matter). If you’re not able to make the conference then I’d certainly recommend at least trying to attend the charity BBQ where you’ll not only be able to meet some of the best names in the industry, but you’ll do so in breath taking German surroundings & with the knowledge that you’re helping out two incredibly worthy causes in doing so.

Now I will not get embroiled in the spats & the history surrounding this event, this is not because I’m necessarily taking one side or another, it is purely because what I see when I look at this event is the opportunity to raise money for a very worthy cause. If you do take exception to this then please contact me directly and I’ll happily talk you through my reasons, primarily that I’m supporting this event to support two great causes & from what I understand is someone proactively using the wide and wonderful industry that we work in to do great things. My hat goes off to you Marcus & team. Keep up the great work!

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