SEO Browser Plugins

Chrome SEO Plugins

Plugin Name Why it’s useful
SEO Site Tools Provides a wealth of SEO information, including: on-page analysis, external metrics, social media info, as well as integration with Google, Bing and Yahoo webmaster tools and GA metrics.
Mozbar Often recognised as the ‘one stop shop’ for SEO plugins, providing tons of top-level checks on: on-page analysis, site analysis and link metrics. (Note: Ensure that this is connected to your SEOMoz Pro account, if you have one!).
SEOQuake Another SEO suite providing overview of Google PageRank, Alexa and several key SEO parameters for the webpage that you’re on.
Wappalyzer Helps you decipher what technologies are used on a website. Useful to quickly identify: CMS, web servers, JavaScript frameworks and analytics tools in use.
Ayima Redirect Path Flags 301, 302, 404 and 500 HTTP status codes, allowing you to analyse the redirect path and flag any potential issues (such as a 302 redirect existing instead of a 301).
YSlow Detailed analysis of web pages for performance, provides a nice grading system to prioritise optimisation recommendations.
Ghostery Shows what trackers are in use on a given website (like Facebook, Google Analytics…).
Google Analytics Debugger Loads debug version of Google Analytics, highlighting any potential errors in analytics set up.
User-Agent Switcher for Chrome Enables you to switch between different user-agents quickly and easily.
Grab Y’All Links Converts the links of all open tabs in your browser into one list or converts to PDF.
PageRank Display Does what it says on the tin, shows you the TBPR (toolbar PageRank) of the page you’re on.
MajesticSEO Backlink Analyzer Great tool showing a summary of key MajesticSEO link metrics (my personal SEO software of choice).
MajesticSEO Backlink Analyzer Great tool showing a summary of key MajesticSEO link metrics (my personal SEO software of choice).
Check My Links Simple, yet effective. Crawls the given page and shows what links are broken.
WebrankSEO Another ‘one stop shop’ tool that provides data from: Google Pagerank, Social Stats, Alexa & Compete Rank, Whois, No. Pages Indexed and Backlinks in Google & Bing, all in one place.

Firefox SEO Add-Ons

Plugin Name Why it’s useful
Link Gopher Extracts all links from a given page.

Productivity Chrome Plugins

Name Why it’s useful
Quick Markup: Screen Capture Allows you to capture your screen and make annotations adding annotations or mindmaps on the fly.
Scraper Great tool for scraper website content in a format that’s compatible with GoogleDocs.

Personal/Social Sharing Chrome Plugins

Name Why it’s useful
Buffer Sends or schedules updates to your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Also provides analytics on your posts to all networks.
Defer Defer for Instapaper Converts and sends the page you’re currently on in a readable format to your Instapaper accounts (also supports Pocket and Klippt)
Evernote Web Clipper Clips web pages directly to your Evernote account (obviously only recommend if you are an Evernote user)
Do Share I use Do Share to write and schedule posts to Google+.