New Years Resolutions Lessons from Chris Anderson

February 14, 2011 - 1 minute read

I’ve recently started my New Years resolution (eventually), this was to “read more”. I know I know, it’s taken a while to get round to but, in its essence, I wanted to read/consume as much as I could. Ambitious I know, and it may be that setting myself such a daunting task is why it took a while to get adjusted, but I’ve found a cure. I now embrace consuming information in the gaps that I found myself staring at the TV or on other monotonous tasks like walking to work… As it turns out, I now listen to a variety of TED talks

My main sources of information have proved to be podcasts and a very thorough spring clean of my Google Reader account. I will eventually get round to putting my OPML file up to share with everybody, but for the meantime I’d like to share some great finds, good reads and inspiring talks that I stumble across…

The first that really struck a cord was Chris Anderson editor-in-chief of Wired magazine and famed (in online marketing & SEO circles) author of The Long Tail; incidentally a brilliant read for aspiring digital marketers.

Above anything I think it proves that the internet is truly amazing and can be powerful and even life changing… What do you think?