New Domain, New Hosting, New to WordPress

December 13, 2010 - 3 minutes read

So, I’ve done it! It’s taken a long time, but about 10 months after my old blog on Blogger I have finally moved over to the wonder that is WordPress…

After starting my new job at PushON, I have been very aware that the best way to learn about SEO and optimising websites for search, other than reading everything that you can get your hands on, is to do it yourself. After speaking to some of the (very talented) guys at PushON, specifically Mark Mayne, Sam Rutley and Kieron Hughes, they were really helpful and told me to use WordPress.

First things first, I was keen on getting ‘serious’ about my website and therefore part of this learning-by-doing approach was to register my first URL. After having a think about what I could call it and also having a look on what it was going to set me back, I was advised to check on 123 Reg a domain registration site. I found that I could get for just £5.98 for 2 years! I registered this domain and then looked around for where I was going to host my site, after looking at a couple of sites Mark Mayne kindly offered his hosting for me to put my site on.

WordPress is an open source blogging platform that has been massively growing in popularity over the last few years. The beauty of WordPress lies in it’s simplicity. It is really quite easy to get started on and at any point if you do get stuck then asking anybody you know that has experience with it should put you right quickly also, taking advantage of the very useful support section and posting messages on the forum will often get your queries answered quickly. A real community has built up around WordPress, meaning that there is also an unlimited amount of content on the web for themes, plugins and handy tips and tricks.

If you are a student, starting out in online marketing or even if you simply want to enter the ever growing world of blogging then I really do urge you to try WordPress out for yourself! After all, what’s the worst that could happen…?