Lady GaGa a Guilty Pleasure, a Lesson in Social Media Marketing, or Both…?

April 6, 2010 - 2 minutes read

Lady Gaga Artist Image

While to begin with, I was rather reserved at jumping on the Gaga bandwagon when I first heard hits like ‘Pokerface’ and ‘Just Dance, I now have no qualms in defending the fact that I think she is a rather damn good musician, songwriter and a fantastic performer. Not only will I now happily bob along to her music and debate at length the fact that she is the new Madonna, she is more than a pop star, she’s a brand; and a bloody good one at that!

Rather than making this a blog post in homage to Miss Gaga, it actually has slightly more relevance to what I normally write about, which is the fact that she is a fantastic lesson in social media marketing too… a great Adage article discusses this and I’d really recommend reading it.

Some key points to take from Gaga’s social media impact are:

So whether you dislike her music, think she’s really a guy or dislike her brand… I’d suggest you sit up and take notice when she engages social media again because I think she offers some lessons for all of us…