Free Tickets to Think Visibility Courtesy of Manuallinkbuilding

February 25, 2012 - 2 minutes read

This week brought very good news to me. I recently entered a competition to win a ticket for the Think Visibility SEO conference, happening in Leeds next weekend.

The competition, ran by Manual Link Building, internationally focused SEO and link building experts pitted me against other SEO-bods (and people that just like free stuff). We had to answer 2 questions:

    1. How many miles is it from Rhys’ [Manuallinkbuilding employee, pictured right] front door to the office in India?
    2. How long in minutes will his total journey take including stopovers and transfers?

A combination of referencing Google Maps, Kayak, SkyScanner and just lucky guessing led me to answer:

    1. 6106 miles [correct answer 5330 miles]
    2. 785 mins [correct answer 1512 minutes]

Although not completely ‘on the mark’ this made me the overall closest with a combined variance on the correct answer of +49.

Manual Link Building's Winning Sign for Ned PoulterWhile I had planned on going to Think Visibility anyway, having attended before. The way I can best describe it is:

“It’s essentially a room packed with some of the best UK, and international, SEO heavyweights. During the day we will talk about all of the latest and greatest advances in the SEO field, as well as comparing tips and tricks. Also, there’s normally beer involved…”

On my behalf and Quirk London, whom I will be representing, I would like to say a big thank you to Gareth Hoyle and Manual Link Building!

Read the announcement (and see a lovely sign they made with Ned’s name on it) on their blog here.